Kajol reacts after Ajay Devgn leaked her number online and she is angry!


If you are a Devgn fan then you must be aware that Ajay Devgn is a top-level name in the Bollywood’s pranksters list and the actor casually pulls up pranks on the film sets. However, Ajay Devgn recently broke Twitter when he shared his wife Kajol’s mobile number in a public tweet.

kajol angry on ajay devgnIn the viral tweet, Ajay Devgn mentioned that Kajol is out of the country and one can coordinate with her on her WhatsApp and he mentioned Kajol’s number as well. Netizens went berserk and everyone started sending to Kajol and shared screenshots on social handles.

While everyone was wondering what happened to the ideal hubby, Ajay revealed after some time that pranks on film sets are outdated and therefore he pulled a prank on his fans instead. Well, without a doubt most of his and Kajol’s fans fell for the trap and now Kajol broke her silence on the same.

Using the same medium, Kajol replied to Ajay’s prank and said that there is no room for this kind of pranks outside the sets with an angry emoticon.

Meanwhile, if Ajay makes through Kajol’s anger alive, he will be gearing up for the release of his production venture Helicopter Eela starring none other than Kajol herself. With the release date, which is 12th October, coming near, the whole incident could be a promotional activity.


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