Bigg Boss 12: Jasleen’s father won’t accept her relationship with Anup Jalota


Bigg Boss season 12 kick-started last week with host Salman Khan and contestants’ introduction were enough to cook controversies. The makers have opted for a new format this year and therefore two-third contestants entered the madhouse in pairs. The paired contestants could have any sort of relation between them but the relationship between popular singer Anup Jalota and his 28 years old disciple Jasleen Matharu came as a shock.

Anup Jalota Jasleen MatharuOn the big premiere of the ongoing reality show, a 28-year-old Jasleen admitted her love for 65-year-old singer Anup Jalota in front of the national television. Although one can easily see the awkwardness between the duo, they claim to be in love. However, public declaration of their relationship didn’t go well with Jasleen’s family.

jasleen matharu father kesar matharuSpeaking to a daily portal, Jasleen’s father Kesar Mathur said that her entire family was shocked when they learned about this relationship. He added that he would never give his approval to this relationship and he would rather keep a distance from this.

Kesar Mathur clarified that they were told that Jasleen and Anup were going in the Bigg Boss house as Guru-Shishya Jodi and they had no idea what was cooking between them. It was Kesar Mathur who introduced Jasleen to Anup Jalota around 4 years ago but his intention was to improve her singing skills only.

jasleen anupAdding to the anger, Jasleen’s father said that he would refuse to enter the house as a guest as long as Anup Jalota is in the game. He also wants to convey a message to his daughter to play fair and improve her image after the already committed mistake so that the public can get a good message.



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