Google Called Salman Khan The ‘Worst Bollywood Actor’, Here’s The Proof

Ahead the 'Race' of flop actors!


Without a doubt, Salman Khan is one of the most successful actors of India, irrespective of his acting talent. But after getting a somewhat mixed response to Race 3, Google seems to end the ongoing debate between Salman’s fans and foes.

Worst Bollywood ActorIf you search the term “Worst Bollywood Actor” on the world’s biggest search engine, Google will apparently show you a picture of Salman Khan along with his Wikipedia link. Even the “Worst Indian Actor” will work and you will be fascinated with the result.

Worst Indian ActorWhen Twitterati learned about this Google glitch, they went crazy and in the nick of time, the news became viral. Since everyone has accepted the fact with the stamp of Google, we thought we should enlighten everyone with the reason behind this apparent result.

Over the time span of two decades, Google has developed into world’s biggest artificial intelligence minds, but it still lacks the human consciousness. The search engine works upon a set of algorithms and all the results are determined by them.

Worst Indian Actor
Bamboozled Salman Khan

After the release of Race 3, Salman Khan is getting bashed by critics and audience alike. Over time, tons of review articles, pictures, memes surfaced on Google criticizing Salman’s acting ability. When one search a certain keyword on Google, it comes up with the most relative result, which in this case is our Bhaijaan Salman Khan.

After this news doing rounds on the Internet, we believe that Salman, aka Race 3’s Sikander will not be able to get rid of the tag of a flop actor any soon unless Google decides to fix this glitch themselves.


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