Bigg Boss: Shilpa Shinde’s Fans Pulled Hina Khan’s Hair In The Mall Task


Bigg Boss season 11 is at the top of its showtime and is about to end in two weeks. Meanwhile, four contestants, Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi, are nominated for the eviction this week.

Since voting lines were closed this week, Bigg Boss had already planned a new way to carry out the eviction. It was for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss when a contestant, Hiten Tezwani, was evicted through an internal voting. Now, Bigg Boss decided to experiment a little more and carried out voting in a mall based in Mumbai.

All the nominated contestants were taken there and their fans were had to cast their vote for their favorite contestant. In the most recent episode, we saw the process.

However, the crowd went out of control and the contestants were taken back to the Bigg Boss house before the voting began. But Bigg Boss didn’t mention the reason for sudden fall back which we are going to tell you.

Nominated contestants asking their fans to cast vote for them.

The mall was fully occupied by the fans and they were chanting the names of their favorite contestants. On the other hand, the four contestants were appealing to them to cast their vote for them.

Meanwhile the fun and enthusiasm of the fans, a few negative elements were present in the crowd as well. When Shilpa Shinde was appealing for votes, a fan of her came to Hina Khan standing near to her and pulled her hair very hard.

Vikas Gupta consoling Hina Khan after the incident.
Vikas Gupta consoling Hina Khan after the incident.

With all of an unexpected move, Hina was shocked and she screamed to save her. Just in seconds, Vikas saw the incident and came to rescue Hina and released the grip of the fan from her hair. Meanwhile, security pushed back the fans to save the celebrities. Earlier when the contestants were coming to the stage, the same incident happened when a fan pulled Hina Khan’s hair.

All of a sudden the crowd started to get excited and it became unsafe for the contestants to stay there for a long time. So the creative team canceled the activity and asked the security to take contestants back to safety.


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