5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Passed Away In 2017

Goodbye with a heavy heart!


Bollywood is known for the evergreen performances and veteran actors who live in Bollywood as legends. But as time passes by, everyone falls victim to the age, and we experience huge losses to the entertainment world every year.

Although life and death are not entertainment for anyone but when an actor dies, it shocks the whole industry. The year about to end and therefore, we would like to remember the legends who bid adieu us in the year 2017.

We got to see many misfortunes which caused Bollywood a considerable loss, and we lost great talents forever. Today, we have brought you a list of celebrities who passed away in 2017 and shocked everyone in the entertainment industry.

1. Reema Lagoo

reema lagoo deathReema Lagoo is one of the most renowned faces in the history of glamour industry which marked her presence with the concept of motherhood with her sober, yet sleek ‘maa’ roles. Reema Lagoo was best known for her performances in blockbusters like ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. She died at a city hospital after a sudden cardiac arrest. Her demise shocked the entire industry and everyone in tears with her memories flooding through the eyes.

2. Vinod Khanna

vinod khanna deathVinod Khanna was a veteran Bollywood actor and producer, who gave many blockbuster characters to the entertainment industry. His performances remained a part of the golden era of Bollywood. He passed away after battling an advanced bladder cancer at the age of 70. Almost every single celebrity, from the entertainment industry to sports industry, offered their condolences to his family.

3. Inder Kumar

inder kumar deathInder Kumar was another Indian actor who was renowned for playing supporting roles in Indian movies. Inder Kumar was best known for playing the role of Salman’s brother in the movie ‘Wanted’ besides working in several films like ‘Baaghi’, ‘Maa Tujhhe Salaam’. He suffered a severe heart attack after suffering from illness for a long time.

4. Om Puri

om puri deathOm Puri was one of the most sought-after veteran actors in Bollywood who proved that talent is enough to achieve success and fame in the glamour industry. Om Puri was found dead in his home when his doorbell went unanswered for a long time. On investigations, it was found that he experienced a fatal heart attack which resulted in his demise.

5. Shamsher Singh

shamsher singh mehndi deathShamsher Singh was a renowned musician and elder brother of famous singer Mika Singh. Shamsher was suffering from jaundice for a long time and took his last breath at Vedanta Hospital in Delhi. Mika Singh took the Twitter to announce the unfortunate demise of his brother.

Losing someone has always been painful whether they are a celebrity or an ordinary man. All the above actors and musician will be missed forever in the hearts of their fans.


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