5 Tips To Look Good In Every Photo | Instant And Effective

Say cheese no more!


There was a time when photos were clicked only at birthdays or at marriage functions. However, with the introduction of latest technologies, it became easier to click pictures.

Today, clicking pictures have become a necessity and a habit. No matter how insignificant an event is, you won’t leave the party without clicking at least a selfie.

At the same time, you want to look good and appealing as these pictures will go straight to your social media accounts and there must be a lot of critics in your friend circle.

These simple tips will help you to look confident and attractive in not just your pictures but also in the pictures you were tagged.

1Stand Up Straight

Always stand straight whether you are in a selfie or a groupie. Body language plays a major role in one’s personality and when you are leaning forward, it says that you are tired and undisciplined. Both make you less attractive to the viewer. So the next time you are taking a picture, stand up straight and tall.



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