Find Out Why Pretty Girls Choose Ugly Boyfriends

Does looks still matter?


Nowadays relationships and betrayals are getting frequent, but love has always been a unique and unbreakable bond. It is often said that a person becomes blind in love and sometimes we do witness it.

You might have heard that boys usually fall for beautiful and attractive girls. However, the case is very much different when it comes to girls. Girls do like charming and handsome guys, but more often they fall for a somewhat less attractive guy when compared to their looks.

This behavior very much differentiates a boy from a girl regarding their thinking and social behavior. There is a lot of difference in the ability to bear and think.

For every human being, the definition of beauty is different. It has been widely noted that everyone has a different taste when it comes to relationships. Some may go for cute and chubby while some likes sexy and fit.

Some people are looking for a better person with good temperament, so there is nothing to do with looks for them. It has been seen that some pairs are very strange, such as a wife of very short height has a tall husband or wife with fair skin tone has a husband with a dark tone. All these arises judgements in the society.
Society, who has cooperated at every step from childhood to the moment of life, is given identity, the same society now decides that the qualification of your partner is different from you. Either it is no worth for you or you are not worthy of it, in this way every couple starts to become a bit of a person, and gradually they also search for their partner in the eyes of the society.

why beautiful girls love ugly boysGirls prefer boys who respect them and love them. They don’t go for chiseled jawline or a pretty eye color. Even if the boy is unattractive, his inner personality is beautiful, then she will not hesitate to make him her partner.

Girls do not focus much on looks and personalities. Girls do not like blondes and ripped boys. They are attracted more to boys who have the right way of speaking and wear, even if the color of the boy is a breeze. Most girls like boys who can entertain them and make them smile no matter what. Such a nature is often seen only in unattractive boys.

A girl may flirt with a boy with eight pack abs and a uptown personality but she will settle for a boy with gentleman qualities. However, if the attractive boy is gentle as well then it is like a cherry on the cake.


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