Cricket Update: New Rules That Will Come Into Play From Next Month

A cricket has always been a gentleman's game and these rule will ensure the same.


Cricket is the most popular sport in our country and with a game played on such a large scale, we must adhere to changes to keep it as fair as possible.

From limiting overs making the game short and interesting to implementing latest technologies providing fair decisions on ground, cricket has evolved over the time. There was a time when players used to wear caps and trousers which got replaced to helmets and track pants for protection and better performance respectively.

With regular updates in this sport, ICC has decided to change a few rules after a meeting this year. All the members agreed for the change for the betterment of the game and a fair play.

New cricket rules will be in effect from October 1st, 2017. However, the updates won’t apply for the upcoming Australia tour of India because that tour begins mid-September.

Below are the details that you need to know about the four rules which will be implemented from next month.

1. New Run-Out Rule

We have seen several times when a batsman is sent back even after he reached the crease line because the bat went up in the air after striking the crease. Currently, the batsman is ruled out if his bat pops up in air and the bails are dislodged just then.

But according to the new rule, batsman is safe once his bat touches the ground beyond the crease. Even if the bat somehow pops back up beyond the line and the stumps light up, the batsman will be ruled to have made his ground and therefore, not out.

2. The Red Card

A red card is commonly used in the game of football, where the referee has the authority to send the player off the ground in case of serious misconduct.

A similar rule will be used in cricket as well where umpire will have the authority to send off a player if he misconduct or create violence on the field. Cricket is known to be a gentleman’s game and this rule will ensure to adhere to the belief.

3. New DRS

As of now, if a DRS verdict returns to umpire’s call, the team that has asked for the review loses the review. However from 1st October, that won’t be the case. Umpire’s call comes into effect when there is a benefit of doubt to be awarded. Sometimes ball tracking cannot establish whether the ball is completely hitting the stumps or just shaving it. In that case, the decision goes back to the umpire’s call on the field. If that happens, the team won’t lose a review.

As of now, a team is allowed two failed reviews and after 80-overs till the end of the innings, reviews are refreshed. From now on, there will be no top-up after the 80-over mark. The DRS will also be used in all T20s from now on.

4. New Bat Sizes

With the new era of T20s, batsmen have made the sport of their own with a sudden upsurge in the runs being made. With the explosive batting line-up may interest the spectators but it shadowed the bowlers.

To keep the game fair at both ends, ICC decided to curb thicker and broader bats to neutralize the game for bowlers. ICC has introduced new dimensions for bats which will be limited to 108mm in width, 67mm in depth with 40mm edges.


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