Never Combine Milk With These Food Items According To Ayurveda Belief

Need an excuse to avoid drinking milk? We've got you back!


Milk is the primary source of nutrition for infants and a great sort of drink for children and adults to curb down hunger cravings.

Milk is the only drink that is forced on children because of its nutrition required for a healthy growth. However, combining milk with certain foods can give birth to undesired conditions according to the popular belief of Ayurveda.

There are a couple of food items that you should never consume along with milk to avoid certain health complications and medical conditions and Ayurveda has scientific proofs for the same.

1. Milk And Meat

milk and meatMilk is a natural source of protein which takes time to break down in the gut. When taken along with other protein sources like meat, it puts excess stress on the digestive tract which may cause indigestion and bloating.

Further, milk unlike other food items is not broken down in the duodenum of the small intestine. So, our stomach doesn’t produce enough digestive enzymes when milk is present in the small intestine which causes the digestion of meat difficult and guess what- Indigestion again!

2. Milk And Fish

milk and fishIf you love fish (eating not petting obviously), then you must have heard about this before. Milk and fish are considered to be one of the worst combinations known according to popular ancient beliefs.

Milk when combined with fish is known to develop toxins in the body which may arise many skin ailments and heart conditions. Therefore, you should never gulp milk with to be on the safer side. Come on! Fishes swim in water not milk (okay sorry 😐).

3. Milk And Salt

milk and saltIt may be hard to remember the last time you stirred salt in a glass of milk, that too on intention. The basic reason according to us is the awful taste, however according to Ayurveda you should not combine salt and milk together to prevent harm to your body.

Salt and milk are said to have antagonistic properties or opposing qualities. If salt which is a sodium salt is added to milk, it could interfere with the calcium ions of the calcium-caseinat present in milk and thus impede with the curdling, emulsification or albumin metabolism of the milk. When taken along, they can cause harm to the body and unlike fish-milk, the after-effects may take time to appear. So, it is better to drink milk with sugar only for the sake of health and your taste buds.

Do you know more such combinations which shouldn’t be taken along? Share below! 😀


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