Mia Khalifa Memes: Can you control your laughter?


Mia Khalifa is the name that can bring excitement and horror at the same time. Excitement for the reason you are well-known and horror to not get caught. However, the name of Mia Khalifa in this article will only bring laughter to your face.

Every single picture or video of Mia makes round on the Internet. Comments start pouring as soon as her name comes anywhere. It would not be wrong to say that ‘Mia Khalifa’ is a synonym of distraction to many boys. However this time, her memes are getting viral all over the Internet, and we bet that you will not be able to control your laughter after watching these memes unless you don’t know Mia Khalifa. And guess what, who doesn’t know the legendary Mia Khalifa. Below are few viral memes of Mia Khalifa which you should take a look at.

1. Mia Vs Other Women

Indeed many women are born to create history. However, Mia Khalifa is the major reason to make everyone delete their history for the reason you are well aware of.

2. Mia and Her Dhanda

The dialogue suits better on her rather than Shah Rukh Khan in Raees.

3. Mia All Day?

Well, the censor board will be heavily active that day to prevent any such telecast over the national television.

4. Baahubali Ka Collection

Let’s hope that Kattappa will understand the feelings of Mahendra Baahubali and will stop asking him to get married.

5. Sanju Ki Pencil

Sanju seemed like a good boy, isn’t he? What would you draw? Reply below.

6. Mia and 3 Idiots

If this scene were in the official movie, the emotional drama would have been more bearable. Sadly, it is just in this meme.

7. Biopic of Mia?

Contary to other’s biopics, Mia Khalifa can play the role of Mia Khalifa in the biopic of Mia Khalifa. Ummm… Am I right?

8. Johnmia

The movie starring Johny Sin and Mia Khalifa will definitely be a block buster if not at their sponsored websites. What do you think?

9. The deadly Combo!

Baniye ka talent, Mia Bai ki acting.

10. Innocent Lady?

Are you? I guess not. *grin*

I can bet many of you are going to visit a couple of sites searching for MIA KHALIFA! Hehe.


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