5 kisses you must experience at least once in your life


Kisses are the best thing ever we experience in any kind of relationship. They convey a lots of feeling like affection, love, care, concern, delight, and obviously passion. We all have experienced thousands of kisses in our life, whether it is from our parents, siblings, cousins, friends, elders or from the one whom you date. But we are going to tell you that these five kisses are the best and if you have not experienced them till now then must try it.

1. The run and jump kiss

This is the kiss that happens when you are really really excited to see someone or some thing that makes you ridiculously happy about that thing or you probably seeing your loves one after a very long time, then you suddenly run towards them and throw your arms around their neck, jump in their arms and start giving lots of kisses crazily everywhere on their face.

2. The we’re-not-just-friends-anymore kiss

This kiss happens when you realised that you have special feelings towards your friend and if the feeling is mutual from other side and you both realised that we are not just friends anymore then this kiss happens slowly that makes way for an earth-shattering kiss that will consume you both and leave you shaking.

3. The expectant kiss

Have you ever gone on a date and at the end of the date you find yourself hoping that he will now give you a goodbye kiss? That suspense is killing you and  you just cannot make the first move. And then suddenly he grabs your arms and pull you close hold your head and give a small wet firm lip-lock kiss.

4. The rainy day kiss

This kiss happens when its raining and you are hanging out with your girlfriend or boyfriend, instead of running to find shelter you both holds your arms together and start hugging and kissing each other close in the cold and your lips just sort of come together effortlessly.

5. The make-up kiss

This kiss is a combination of all the hidden passion and the anger that has been building up during fights and arguments between the love birds. When the threshold reaches, all you can do is to hold each other’ faces in a death grip and smush those thirsty lips onto each other to have a devouring kiss. A single touch will create a sensation down the spine which will mold down the anger into love and you may end up making out, possibly in bed.


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