4 Reasons to Avoid Street Foods During Monsoon


The monsoon season has started and often the desire to hang out with friends and family in such a soothing season revolves around our minds. Whenever we go outside with our friends, hunger hangs out with us all the time, and street food becomes our only motive to survive in this world.

Everyone is fond of road side Golgappe, Chaat, Chowmeen and their relatives. A single look from them makes our saliva go boom, and without a second thought, we attack them to start our Nom! Nom!

If you are one of those people who could not control themselves over street foods, then this monsoon you need to have little control over your taste buds because all these street foods can cause tremendous damage to your health and below are four scientifically proven reasons behind that.

1. Exposed Ingredients

street foodMost street foods are made with mashed potatoes which are often kept on the roadside, exposed to millions of germs. In the rainy season, bacteria breed insanely and therefore increases the risk of having unhygienic foods. Street vendors do not use fresh ingredients, and most of them won’t hesitate to use even rotted ones, which is quite common in monsoon.


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